The Blue Stane: for a rock-steady welcome

The Blue Stane - a glacial rock made of dolerite - has been standing in St Andrews since at least the 16th century and is treated as a good-luck talisman. A favourite place for fairies, according to local folklore, it is part of the mythology of this historic city. The pub that bears its name is a lively meeting place for anyone from 18-80 (children too, until 8pm), whether in the roomy interior or taking the air on the chairs and tables outside. There is plenty to keep everyone occupied here at the Stane, whether it be on our pool table, darts board, jukebox, quiz machine or one of our three fruit machines. If you're planning a party, you should talk to the staff about reserving a special area.


Sport is a key factor for us and we pride ourselves on the many screens and major sporting events we show all year round - Golf, Football, Rugby, Boxing and much much more, so don't miss out. Call to book for the big games as we do get busy!